Strategic Plan

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I. CARSP’s Vision, Mission and Values


By following Vision Zero principles in our research and practical approaches, to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on Canada’s roads.


Through the Safe System Approach (add link), influence and support road safety professionals by providing access to multi-disciplinary research, evidence-based best practices, networking and collaboration opportunities to support current United Nations road safety resolutions (add link)


Knowledge – Promoting and sharing research and evidence-based best practices .
Collaboration – Encouraging the adoption of a Safe System Approach by fostering collaboration through multidisciplinary membership and networking opportunities.
Equity – Promoting equitable levels of road safety for all road users.
Professional Development – supporting students and young professionals to embark on a career in road safety and providing ongoing training for current practitioners

II. CARSP’s Over-Arching Service Goals and Operational Goals

CARSP’s strategic goals have been divided into Service Goals and Operational Goals. The Service Goals outline how CARSP as an association is striving to achieve its mission. The Service Goals also outline the value we give to our members and the value we give to the broader road safety community. The operational goals relate to the operation of our association. More specifically, its governance and its sustainability.

Service goals

  1. Encourage the sharing of professional knowledge and experience (e.g. road safety programs, research, initiatives and news) both within and across disciplines;
  2. Facilitate communication and collaboration among road safety groups and agencies;
  3. Promote professional development and careers in road safety;
  4. CARSP| Strategic Plan
  5. Promote research and evidence-based practice and program development
  6. To promote the Safe System Approach to improve road safety outcomes
  7. Provide an influential voice for road safety professionals with which to communicate knowledge-based opinions to policy makers.

Operational goals

  1. To have a strong internal governance, accountability, and coordination.
  2. To engage all board members equitably in the operation of CARSP’s activities and initiatives.
  3. To be self-sustaining with enough resources to achieve our goals.
Cover of Strategic Plan
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