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‘A Little Goes a Long Way’ – Celebrating BC’s Vision Zero Grant Program

By: Ian Pike, Ph.D., University of British Columbia; BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute; BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit Emily McCullogh, Ph.D., York University (Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Science) Abstract Vision Zero is a road safety policy goal aiming…


Towards Safer Streets: Reviewing the Impact of Transit-oriented Development on Road Safety in North American Cities

By: Phani Kumar Patnala, Ph.D. Urban Mobility and Transportation Informatics Group, Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Babak Mehran, P.Eng. Urban Mobility and Transportation Informatics Group, Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Jonathan Regehr, Ph.D., P.Eng….


Investigating the Relationship between Traffic Infractions and Collisions in York Region

By: Pedram Izadpanah, Ph.D., P.Eng., TNS Stefan Tsang, P.Eng., RSP1, TNS Nelson Costa, York Regional Municipality Ben Kos, LET, C.E.T., RSP1, MITE, York Regional Municipality Soroush Salek, Ph.D., P.Eng., RSP1, CIMA+ Abstract The Safe System Approach has emerged as an…


By: Benoit Anctil, P.Eng. and Dominique Charlebois Abstract Since the 1980s, the automotive industry has seen a consistent trend of larger and heavier vehicles, driven by regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Paradoxically, these regulations often encourage automakers to…

Exploring the language of “All Ages and Abilities” for the CapaCITY/É Research Project

By: Karen Laberee, Moreno Zanotto, Alison Funk, Sara F. L. Kirk, Sarah A. Moore, and Meghan Winters Abstract In 2023, CapaCITY/É initiated a six-year research project aimed at adapting Implementation Science for Healthy Cities research, specifically sustainable transportation interventions. The…

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The importance of supporting the next generations of road safety advocates

BY: Umayangga Yogalingam, Parachute ABSTRACT Road traffic injuries and fatalities seriously threaten the health, well-being, and quality of life of Canadian youth. Reaching young drivers for the purpose of awareness and education presents unique challenges and opportunities compared to other…

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Overlooked topics in road safety knowledge and practice – authors’ opinion

BY: Dhammika Wagage, Navoda Rillagodage Abstract This article, by incorporating authors’ opinion, attempts to bring road safety professionals’ attention to a number of overlooked road safety topics that were either highlighted in recent Canadian media and/or were noted as research…