Overview of our Association

What is CARSP?

CARSP was formed in 1985 and is a national organization dedicated to enhancing road safety at home and abroad.

CARSP supports Canada’s road safety community by providing access to multi-disciplinary information, research and networking opportunities.

CARSP is a diverse group of professionals involved in the research, management, delivery and promotion of road safety programs.

Our three key service objectives are:


  • Our website features regularly updated news stories on road safety in Canada.
  • We produce a monthly compilation of news stories from across Canada called the Canadian Road Safety News Digest.  The most current issue is only available to members.  Past issues are available to the public.
  • We provide our members with information on the latest road safety initiatives and research being conducted by our members through our quarterly Safety Network Newsletter.
  •  We provide information on provincial, national and international conferences, workshops and webinars focused on road safety issues.

Knowledge Sharing

  • CARSP hosts the CARSP Conference (formerly known as the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference (CMRSC)), an annual conference which attracts Canadian and international delegates.  The conference features panel discussions and paper sessions that look at:  “Policy and Practice” and “Research and Evaluation”.
  • Many delegates enjoy attending the conference as it helps them stay informed on the latest road safety initiatives and research.
  • Members can download past CMRSC papers free of charge.  We also provide an easy to use search function to help you find the paper you are looking for, or to help you find papers on a certain topic.


  • Conference delegates enjoy the opportunity to network with other road safety professionals from across Canada and around the world.
  • Members also network with each other using the member database.  Plus we have just added a road safety expert database.  Our members have each generated a profile of themselves and their work.  Members use this extra information for networking purposes.

Why should you join?

For a low annual fee of $125/year (or $225 for 2 years), CARSP members enjoy great benefits, including the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other road safety professionals across Canada and beyond
  • Network, exchange ideas and make contact through the member directory
  • Stay informed with exclusive publications featuring road safety news and the latest information on programs, research, and initiatives sent by email to you including the Canadian Road Safety News Digest and the Safety Network Newsletter
  • Be involved on one of our many Committees on the Board of Directors
  • Receive discounted registration to the internationally recognized CARSP Conference
  • Receive complimentary access to proceedings from past conferences!
  • Have access to free monthly webinars on important road safety topics!

Who should join?

The professions who benefit from CARSP membership are:

  • Government (Federal, provincial or local)
  • Police/Enforcement (RCMP, provincial and local)
  • University/college (e.g. Engineering, Psychology, Epidemiology, Health Sciences)
  • Non Profit Safety Organizations (Safety Council, CRSYC, Arrive Alive Drive Sober, CCMTA, etc.)
  • Private Consultants (e.g. Engineering)
  • Research Agencies (e.g. TIRF, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse)
  • Driving Institutes
  • Motor Associations (e.g. AMA, CAA)
  • Insurance Organizations (e.g. ICBC, IBC, SGI, MPI, SAAQ)
  • Legal professionals
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