CARSP Conference

CARSP Conference 2024

 June 16-19, 2024 | Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre, Ottawa, Canada 

Theme — Safe Mobility: Achieving Vision Zero in Urban and Rural Environments

View of the parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario with a cyclist in the foreground.

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CARSP is very excited to partner with Parachute to bring you the 2024 CARSP Conference.  To be held at the ultramodern Delta Hotel Ottawa City Centre, the conference promises to be a great event for learning the latest in road safety best practices and research, plus providing its delegates with networking opportunities.  The theme of the 2024 CARSP Conference “Safe Mobility: Achieving Vision Zero in Urban and Rural Environments,” goes beyond the traditional definition of “the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways”. It now recognizes the importance of ‘Healthy Communities’, the idea that safe, equitable, and accessible mobility plays an essential part in how we live our lives safely both in rural and urban settings. The conference theme “Safe Mobility: Achieving Vision Zero in Rural and Urban Environments” will see us explore the use of the Safe System Approach to achieve a safe transportation environment for all. The CARSP conference is primarily aimed at sharing knowledge among Canada’s road safety professionals with the goal of making our roads safer. Conference delegates represent a broad array of disciplines including: health professionals, engineers, Government officials, crash re-constructionists, insurers, researchers, enforcement, and more.  The conference content is a combination of plenary, panel and practitioner/researcher presentation sessions, as well as networking opportunities.  There is also a Student Paper Competition and an event aimed at students and young professionals.  Presentation sessions contain research and evaluation papers as well as policy and program practice presentations.  Examples of the types of materials presented include:  the development of a road safety policy, road safety research findings, systematic literature reviews, evaluation results for road safety programs, and innovative program approaches to decreasing road safety injuries and deaths.

Who Should Go to the CARSP Conference?

The conference is aimed at road safety practitioners from many disciplines, including, but not limited to:  health professionals, engineers, government officials, crash re-constructionists, insurers, researchers, and enforcement personnel.  The goal of the work of these professionals is the same, regardless of the type of work they do, and that is to make our roads safer.

Call for Abstracts

Furthermore, in this year’s Call for Abstracts, authors will be asked to relate their abstract to the conference theme, "Safe Mobility: Achieving Vision Zero in Urban and Rural Environments". While the theme helps guide the focus of some components of the conference, there are still many presentations on a number of road safety topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Vehicles and Vehicle Systems (Collision avoidance, Collision protection, Commercial vehicle safety, Off-road vehicle safety, Crash investigation and reconstruction)
  • Traffic Engineering/Road Design (Impact of road design, Traffic operations and traffic control devices, Intelligent transportation systems, Speed limit setting/monitoring)
  • Injury Prevention (Epidemiology of crashes/injuries, Occupant protection, Biomechanics of injury crashes, Automotive medicine)
  • Enforcement/Legal Issues (Enforcement strategies, Alcohol and drugs, Legal aspects of crashes)
  • Safety Initiatives (Safety promotion programs, Community and partnership engagement, Integrated road safety strategies)
  • Policy and Program Development (Societal costs of crashes, Application of policies and programs, Application of legislation/regulations)
  • Road Users/Behavioural Issues (Epidemiology of crashes or injuries, Specific road users approaches/research (e.g. pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist), Human factors and traffic psychology)

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