Privacy Policy

With the advent of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, our association has implemented a formal privacy policy.

CARSP privacy_policy (PDF: 122 KB).

Personal information submitted to CARSP will be retained in the Association's membership database and used for contacting members on matters related to their membership in the Association.

For those members who provide specific authorization:

  • Membership information will be used for regular contact by the Association in order to provide members with news items that may be of interest (e.g. our weekly mailing of the CARSP Web Site Digest, and the quarterly mailing of our newsletter, The Safety Network).
  • Contact information for members will be published in the Association's membership directory annually. The directory will only be made available to CARSP members in good standing.
  • The Association's Board of Directors has implemented a policy of providing membership mailing/email information to other safety organizations on a case-by-case basis, so that such agencies can provide material on their safety-related activities (e.g. conference notification, calls for papers, etc.) to our members. Any such releases of contact information are carefully controlled, and generally occur infrequently. The Board of Directors will continue to use its discretion to release such contact information as will allow other agencies to contact CARSP members for appropriate purposes.

There will be no automatic release of information merely on request by external organizations. CARSP does not share its membership information with third parties for commercial purposes.