Awards and Scholarships

The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals has established awards for the best papers presented at the CARSP Conference and/or published in the conference proceedings. The intention is to further the Association's goals of disseminating traffic safety information; to provide an incentive to authors to submit quality papers to the conference; and to recognize well-founded research, valuable results and conclusions.

Since 2001 the Dr. Charles H. Miller Award has been given to the authors of the best technical paper. These technical papers have been typically based on research or program evaluation. However, there is considerable road safety related activity that is not research or evaluation. Therefore, starting with the 2014 CARSP Conference in Vancouver, a policy and practice stream of papers was established for road safety practitioners to present such activities as legislation, policy development, regulation, enforcement, education, training, assessment/rehabilitation, and community or stakeholder engagement. The best paper in this category will receive the Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award.