Our History

In April 2007, eight young Canadians represented Canada in Geneva, Switzerland, at the first World Youth Assembly for Road Safety held during the United Nations’ Global Road Safety Week. The global community is now under pressure to end road traffic tragedies, as youth from around the world address road safety as a major health issue. One result of the enthusiasm and momentum created by the World Youth Assembly and the Canadian Youth Road Safety Conference was the formation of the Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee, which is currently know as CARSP's Young Professionals' Committee (YPC). The committee has representatives from the provinces and territories, who raise awareness of youth road safety at national and local levels. The committee also promotes the Youth Declaration for Road Safety adopted at the World Youth Assembly and advocates for improved road safety policy with different levels of government. The YPC sees the need for continued action on youth-related road safety issues here in Canada, and seeks to form a national network of dedicated young people involved in road safety – to speak out for young people and support youth-centered road safety events across Canada. The committee wants to hear from Canada’s youth about their efforts to improve road safety. So, if you, or your organization, are interested in learning more, please contact us at YPC_Chair@carsp.ca.