CARSP/PRI 2021 Joint Virtual Conference

The 30th CARSP Conference and the 14th PRI World Congress

 August 22-25, 2021 | Virtual Conference 

Theme — Equitability: Road Safety for all through Vision Zero and Sustainable Safety


The webinar recordings are now available through the conference platform, PheedLoop, for registered participants. Please note that the webinars were recorded in their original languages (interpretation was not recorded). The recordings are in the “Sessions” area of PheedLoop. These will be available for 6 months following the event.  The proceedings are available upon request.

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The theme of the conference is “Equitability: Road Safety for all through Vision Zero and Sustainable Safety”. Equitability was chosen to highlight the need for “road safety for all” across road users, between countries and between rich and poor. Deficiencies in “road safety for all” is something experienced universally. For a long time, endeavours to improve road safety were guided by the three E’s: engineering, enforcement and education, but recently a fourth E of “equitability” is gaining attention, and our conference wants to build on that momentum.

The conference theme also includes “Vision Zero” and “Sustainable Safety”, approaches adopted by Sweden and the Netherlands, starting in the 1990’s, as a means to  achieve “road safety for all”.  These approaches are built on the belief that deaths and injuries are not an acceptable price to pay for increased mobility.  In fact, no loss of life is acceptable.  The conference will highlight how we must all use these approaches to make “road safety for all” a priority within our respective communities and countries.

To explore the conference theme, plenary, panel and paper sessions will focus on key issues. In addition to the theme, paper sessions will also focus on a variety of road safety issues including, but not limited to:  Vehicles/Vehicles Systems, Traffic Engineering/Road Design, Injury Prevention, Enforcement/Legal Issues, Safety Initiatives, Policy/Program Development and Road Users/Behavioural Issues.

The conference is aimed at road safety practitioners from many disciplines, including, but not limited to:  health professionals, engineers, government officials, crash re-constructionists, insurers, researchers, and enforcement personnel.  While their approaches vary, these professionals all share the same goal, to make our roads safer.

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