Designing Safe Systems: Vision Zero from Policy to Practice

CARSP Webinar Series

Date(s) - December 15, 2022
12:00 pm EST - 1:00 pm EST


This presentation will follow the elements of the design process from data gathering to planning, traffic engineering to enforcement, and detail specific measures and actions that each stakeholder can implement to transform Vision Zero policies into results.

For policy makers, advocates and planners, the presentation will highlight the opportunities presented by Big Data to proactively monitor communities and target implementation in hotspots or areas where a roadway death or serious injury may be inevitable.

Leveraging a range of examples including Lakeview Village in Mississauga, Thunder Bay North Core Streetscape & Mobility Hub Precinct Master Plans, and a draft update to the City of Oshawa’s Engineering Design Manual, the presentation will consider the need to broaden traditional traffic engineering practices and modernize detailed roadway standards, illustrate specific measures for inclusion in conceptual and detailed design, and identify roadblocks to success. Finally, the presentation will explore the current system of monitoring and enforcement and discuss tools which can be broadly implemented to improve safety and reduce the likelihood of serious injury or death on Canadian roadways.


Amar Lad

Amar Lad

Amar is a Mobility Planner at TYLin with experience in wide-ranging transportation planning studies for both the public and private sector. His passion for safe and complete communities, tied with engagement in data-supported trends in mobility, enable him to develop innovative and forward-thinking solutions for communities of all sizes. Amar’s background in transportation planning includes experience in Vision Zero and road safety, multi-modal and traffic engineering, land use planning and development, urban design, transportation demand management, urban renewal, and governance.

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