Modern Motor Vehicle Data – The How, Who, What, Where, & Why?

CARSP Webinar Series

Date(s) - September 28, 2022
12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT


This webinar will cover three learning objectives. First, it will review information that is both recorded and communicated wirelessly on modern vehicles. The information include event data recorded by on-board passenger car and heavy truck modules (air bag modules, powertrain control modules, active safety control modules, engine control modules), OEM systems (subscription services, Tesla, infotainment systems), and after-market devices (GPS, fleet monitoring, telematics, dash cams). Second, the webinar will review the ownership of this information, how this information is accessed, who can access it and how it can be deleted. Third, this webinar will review the utility of this information, how it can be used to reconstruct event circumstances and the importance of doing so.


Andrew Happer, MBA, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Andrew Happer, MBA, M.Eng., P.Eng.

CEP Forensic Inc.

Mr. Happer is a senior forensic engineer at CEP Forensic and has held a variety of leadership roles within the firm while providing consulting mechanical engineering services to clients throughout western Canada. He is a registered Professional Engineer in three provinces and the two territories. Over his 26-year career, Mr. Happer has reconstructed thousands of motor vehicle collisions that have involved extracting and interpreting electronic data recorded by on-board vehicle modules for the insurance, legal and risk management fields. As an author of several peer-reviewed papers with international organizations, Mr. Happer has been involved in the advancement of knowledge in the collision reconstruction field. He has also appeared in court a dozen times, both in British Columbia and Alberta, and been accepted as an expert in forensic engineering. Mr. Happer was instrumental in the reinstatement, and is currently the Past-Chairperson, of the Alberta Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers, which is the international organization that advances technologies related to mobility. Mr. Happer has been a long-time member of SAE, CARSP and other technical societies.