2016 Halifax

26th CARSP Conference Proceedings

  June 5-8, 2016, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Please note - Keynote, lunch and panel presentations at the bottom

Session 1A: Work-Related Road Safety I

Session 1B: Child Injury Prevention I

Session 1C: Making the Case for/Marketing Road Safety

Session 2A: Work-Related Road Safety II

Session 2B: Fitness to Drive I

Session 3A: Work-Related Road Safety III

Session 3B: Fitness to Drive II

Session 3C: Child Injury Prevention II

Session 4A: Distracted Driving

Session 4B: Vulnerable Road Users

Session 5A: Improving Road Safety in Low and Middle Income Countries

Session 5B: Drug-impaired Driving

Session 6A: Alcohol-impaired Driving

Session 6B: Crash Avoidance and Prediction

Session 6C: Speeding and Risky Driving Behaviour I

Session 7A: Speeding and Risky Driving Behaviour II

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Session 7B: Teen/Novice Driver

Session 7C: Road Infrastructure Safety

Panel 1: Work-Related Road Safety

Panel 2: Cannabis and Driving

Panel 3: Distracted Driving

Keynote and Lunch Speakers