The Cone Zone Experience

Author(s): Bob Nielsen, Sarina Hanschke
Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award

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'With the event's conception 2013, the Cone Zone Kart track was an idea to reach audiences at provincial fairs (Cloverdale Rodeo, 108,000 + in attendance) in an interactive way to communicate the dangers associated with roadside work and the importance of listening to traffic control people., and that each cone stands for a worker behind it. Since then, the project has turned into an experience emulating a theme park teaching many different lessons around roadside safety, all with a common message, so everyone can make it home safe at the end of the day.

Named by the Vancouver sun as the #2 reason (behind the rodeo itself) to visit the rodeo and exhibition, the event has seen tremendous growth in 3 years and has become a popular attraction in the community'


  • to change road user behavior, to slow down, pay attention and be respectful in roadside work zones highlight new slow down move over legislation
  • raise awareness to the dangers roadside workers face and gain appreciation for the work they do

Target Group

  • tomorrow's drivers (kids 10 - 16) and their parents
  • open to all members of the public, there are events that appeal to all demographics


  • FREE Roadside work themed go-kart track with roadside workers (flaggers directing first-time drivers through detours in track)


  • Change in road user behavior
  • change in perception towards roadside work
  • shaping future drivers' behavior
  • creating a platform that roadside workers can engage with the public in a real way to'