2021 CARSP/PRI Joint Virtual Conference

30th CARSP Conference Proceedings

  August 22-25, 2021, Virtual conference 

Session 1A: Social Inequalities, the Built Environment and Road Safety

Session 1B: Road Design and Speed Management

Session 1C: Fitness to Drive / Driver Training

Session 1D: Child and Youth Injury Prevention

Session 2A: Cannabis-Impaired Driving I

Session 2B: Safe System Approach/Vision Zero/Road Safety Management

Session 2C: Environmental Factors in Road Safety

Session 2D: Risky Driving Behaviours / Perceptions of Risk

Session 3A: Cannabis-Impaired Driving II / Student Paper Competition Finalists

Session 3B: Risky Drivers / Fitness to Drive

Session 3C: Vulnerable Road User Safety

Session 3D: Vehicle Safety and Crash Prediction

Session 4A: Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Vehicle Safety

Session 4B: Vulnerable Road User Safety

Session 4C: Speeding and Speed limits

Session 4D: Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving