2022 Sudbury (Hybrid)

31st CARSP Conference Proceedings

  June 19-21, 2022, Sudbury, Ontario 

Session 1A:  Alcohol and Drug-Impaired Driving I

Session 1B:  Injury Prevention

Session 1C:  Road Safety Policy and Legislation

Session 2A:  Speed Management I

Session 2B: Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Vehicle Technology

Session 2C: Cycling Safety

Session 3A:  Speed Management II

Session 3B:  Collision Investigation and Analysis I

Session 3C:  Vulnerable road user safety I

Session 4A: Collision Investigation and Analysis II

Session 4B: Risky and Distracted Driving

Session 4C: Vulnerable road user safety II

Session 5A:  Fitness to Drive

Session 5B:  Road Safety In Lower and Low-Middle Income Countries

Session 5C:  Inequalities, inequities, the built environment and road safety I

Session 6A:  Alcohol and Drug-Impaired Driving II

Session 6B:  Inequalities, Inequities, the built environment and road safety II

Session 6C: User Experience (UX) Design - Walking Audit

  • Workshop with a field study component to inform the case study exercise of the Vision Zero Symposium.