2015 Ottawa

25th CARSP Conference Proceedings

  May 27-30, 2015, Ottawa, Ontario 

Session 1A: Cycling and Motorcycle Safety I

Session 1B: Distracted Driving

Session 1C: Marketing a Traffic Safety Culture

Session 2A: Drug Impaired Driving

Session 2B: Road Safety Assessment

Session 2C: School Safety

Session 3A: Collision Prediction and Prevention Approaches

Session 3B: Intersection Safety

Session 3C: Medically At-Risk Driving

Session 4A: Fitness to Drive

Session 4B: Special Vehicle Risks

Session 4C: Speeding and Aggressive Driving

Session 5A: Alcohol Impaired Driving I

Session 5B: Work-Related Road Safety

Session 5C: Cycling and Motorcycle Safety II

Session 6A: Injury Patterns and Trends

Session 6B: Pedestrian Safety

Session 6C: Alcohol Impaired Driving II

Session 7A: Emerging Data Trends and Tools

Session 7B: Risky Driving Behaviour