Canada’s Road Safety Strategy

Canada’s current strategy for road safety, Road Safety Strategy 2025, was published by the Canadian Council for Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) in January 2016 and is described in a document entitled Towards Zero: The Safest Roads in the World.

The objectives of Road Safety Strategy 2025 are to:

  • Raise public awareness and commitment to road safety,
  • Improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders,
  • Enhance legislation and enforcement of traffic laws,
  • Improve road safety information in support of research and evaluation,
  • Improve the safety of vehicles and road infrastructure,
  • Leverage technology and innovation.
Cover image of Canada's Road Safety Strategy 2025 published in January 20165
Graphic Credit: Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators

More information about the strategy, including its guiding principles, primary risk groups, and other aspects of the strategy, can be found at:

A growing number of provincial, territorial, regional, and municipal jurisdictions have also developed formal strategies in support of road safety. These are typically provided on their respective websites. Some examples can be found at the following websites: