Canadian motorcyclists will soon have access to free life-saving training, including a world’s first: The Biker Down Motorcyclist First Aid Certificate powered by the Canadian Red Cross.

Motorcycling remains very popular for nearly 1 million Canadians, both as a passion and as a mode of transportation. During the pandemic there was a dramatic increase in the sales volume of motorcycles. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in the number of rider injuries and fatalities. Biker Down’s mission is to train and empower bikers to help reduce motorcyclist fatalities by 30 per cent; not only saving lives but also eliminating the associated costs of a road traffic fatality.

Biker Down consists of three key training modules taught in a three hour session. Module 1 teaches a rider how to manage an accident scene safely and effectively. Module 2 is exclusive first aid training for Biker Down students, provided by Canadian Red Cross First Aid Trainers which will include learning proper helmet removal techniques. Module 3 delivers some proactive conspicuity strategies with a focus on the science behind why motorcyclists are often not seen by other road users.

“We are excited about the partnership with Biker Down and to provide this important education and training opportunity to all Canadians, and specifically the motorcycle community. The Canadian Red Cross wants to equip first aiders with the skills and confidence to be able to help someone involved in a motorcycle incident and decrease the number of injuries and deaths,” said Carolyn Tees, Senior Director of Prevention and Safety at the Canadian Red Cross.

“Partnering with the Canadian Red Cross on our first-aid module takes our training program to the next level,” stated Steve Reed, President of Biker Down.  “World Class first aid is key to the mission of Biker Down, which is empowering a motorcyclist to be able to save another biker’s life. The Canadian Red Cross team nailed it, and we cannot wait to launch across Canada!”

“It’s a sad reality that too many motorcyclists are injured or killed on Alberta roads and highways. Biker Down’s 30 per cent reduction goal will save 72 lives and the Government of Alberta is proud to promote it. By looking out for each other and following Alberta’s traffic safety rules, we can all play a role in ensuring our roads are safer for everyone,”added Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors.

About Biker Down North America

Biker Down was originally created and is administered there by the UK National Firefighter Chief’s Council.  After several years of development, Biker Down North America was conceived so Canadian (and soon American) motorcyclists will be able to attend these free lifesaving training sessions nation-wide at their local power-sport dealer or accessories provider. To register for training, to learn how you can support Biker Down or to make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross visit www.BikerDown.ca