NEWS – CARSP at the 2023 Drug Recognition and Enforcement Conference

Last week, CARSP Board Member and alcohol and drug-impaired driving expert Dr. Douglas Beirness presented at the 2023 Drug Recognition and Enforcement Conference about #drugimpaireddriving. Dr. Beirness shared that according to a roadside survey, carried out very recently, alcohol use by drivers has declined significantly over the last thirty years: from 20% to 4% in 2022 (CanDART, 2022). Over the last decade, drug use by drivers has increased, most notably since the legalization of cannabis in 2018.  In 2014, 8% of drivers had used cannabis and 3.5% had used other drugs.  By 2022, these rates had increased to 10.3% and 7.5% respectively (CanDART, 2022).
This conference, 2023 Drug Recognition and Enforcement Conference, the first to be held since 2019 in Canada, was primarily aimed at recertification by providing training for and education to Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) from across the country.  It was also open to Forensic Toxicologists from Federal and Provincial Government Labs and Crown Attorneys.  Normally DREs are required to travel to locations in the United States for ongoing training and education.  Holding this event conference in Toronto, ON, Canada made it more accessible for all attendees, and in some aspects also for local GTA DREs, by reducing some of the travel, accommodation, and food costs specially when associated with the US dollar exchange rate.

This training and education conference spanned over two days and included in-person presentations from leading experts in the field of drug and alcohol-impaired driving detection and prosecution. Topics covered included:

  • current drug trends
  • drug impairment and vision
  • legal updates
  • toxicology trends and issues

Learn more at: 2023 Drug Recognition & Enforcement Conference - OACP

CARSP was proud to be an exhibitor at this conference. It enabled us to spread awareness of our association to this important sector of the road safety field.  CARSP was also interviewed by the Toronto Police Service’s own #TikTokTrafficCop, Sean Shapiro, about our association’s purpose.  That too was an excellent way to spread awareness about our association!

Special thanks to Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP), York Regional PolicePeel Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police, the Toronto Police Service and Arrive Alive Drive Sober for organizing this Conference.