Kids in Hot Cars

Transport Canada is running a safety campaign focused on the Dangers of Hot Cars and Children.

The campaign includes the creation of a new TC website that provides an overview of the importance of the topic, strategies how to mitigate the risks, as well as additional safety tips. It can be accessed at:

Over the coming weeks, Transport Canada will also push two sets of advertisements on the dangers of hot cars and children on Facebook and Instagram.  One set of the ads will target parents/caregivers, while the other will target bystanders. The timing of the campaign was selected to coincide with the return to school / daycare. This timeframe can result in a change of routine, which research shows, has been a contributing factor in paediatric hyperthermia-related deaths inside unattended vehicles.

Transport Canada also posts regularly on this topic on its social media channels. If you aren’t already, we invite you to follow our channels and to share our posts with your networks: