The CARSP Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC) Promotes Road Safety at ‘Dream the Impossible’

"Young people deserve the right to dream without limits" - Guy Cormier, President of Desjardins Group.

'Dream the Impossible' was held in Montreal, Quebec, from June 19-20, 2023. This event, hosted by Desjardins and supported by Bell, Google, Hydro Quebec, and KPMG, brought together young visionaries and leaders to discuss the challenges society faces today to build a better tomorrow. The mission was to provide training, education, and motivation. Dream the Impossible featured a variety of sessions, masterclasses, workshops, and other collaborative experiences guided by three main themes: (1) Education/Employment, (2) Economy/Finances, and (3) Environment. Being the voice for young Canadian road safety professionals, the YPC attended to promote road safety across these domains.


Day 1 kicked off with a speech from Guy Cormier and was followed by an interactive activity to engage delegates with the issues addressed during the two days. We participated in several small-group discussions related to the themes and listened to inspiring testimonials from influential leaders. After engaging in a masterclass on powerful storytelling, we dined, networked, and discovered a range of tools and programs to turn our dreams into realities!

Day 2 focused on small-group workshops where we carefully discussed each theme and developed solutions for pressing problems. We attended Flash Talks led by renowned experts, listened to Exploratory Conversations with local business owners, and shared our solutions with young leaders. The event program was commendable, and our reflections will help incorporate more educational and interactive programming for students and young professionals at the upcoming 2024 CARSP Conference.

Promoting Road Safety Across Each Theme

The Education/Employment theme emphasized empowering individuals via increased education and meaningful career opportunities. The YPC recognizes the importance of supporting and connecting young professionals. As road safety advocates, Education is one of our top priorities. Road traffic crashes remain the leading cause of death among children and young adults, and risky behaviours such as speeding, impaired driving, and distracted driving are major contributors [1]. However, these behaviours are entirely preventable. This underscores the importance of education. Through our conversations at Dream The Impossible, we discussed the importance of increasing road safety education to reduce risky behaviour and, in turn, improve Canadian public health.

The Economy/Finances theme explored ways to promote economic growth while embracing sustainable practices. During the small-group workshops, the YPC discussed the economic benefits of investing in road safety and minimizing the financial and personal burdens associated with road crashes. Through partnerships with businesses, government entities, and road safety organizations, we strive to implement sustainable road safety strategies that save lives and contribute to long-term economic stability.

The final theme focused on the Environment and promoting sustainable practices. We encouraged a discussion on the critical intersection between road safety and environmental sustainability. By promoting active transportation (i.e., cycling, public transit, carpooling), we simultaneously advocated for reducing carbon emissions and creating safer road environments. Collaborative efforts with environmental organizations, urban planners, and policymakers can further the discussions of sustainable transportation initiatives, ensuring our efforts contribute to a greener and safer future.

Wrap Up

‘Dream the Impossible’ underscored the importance of connecting young minds to shape a safer and more sustainable future. Throughout this event, the YPC served as a voice for road safety. Our contribution in group workshops and conversations with young leaders contributes to our strategic goal of increasing Awareness & Advocacy (Goal #1) of current road safety issues in Canada. In addition, supporting YPC members to attend unique learning opportunities like this further develops and strengthens our National Network (Goal #2) of young road safety professionals. This event inspired us as we continue to dream big, expand the YPC, and work collectively to create a road safety landscape that protects and enhances the lives of all Canadians.

We encourage all readers to consider how their road safety efforts connect to the event themes (Education/Employment, Economy/Finances, Environment) to create better solutions for the future!

Be sure to follow the YPC on Twitter to stay updated with our ongoing efforts. We look forward to announcing the new YPC Execs in the next Safety Network Newsletter. Stay tuned!

Robert Colonna, YPC Chair

Caption: Dream The Impossible atrium hosted at Cité des arts du cirque (TOHU) Montreal.



Caption: Guy Cormier, President of Desjardins Group, providing opening remarks.



Caption: Exploratory Conversations with local business owners about the Environment.



Caption: Small-group workshops to discuss pressing problems and identify solutions.



Caption: Small-group presentations on proposed solutions