Transport Canada seeking feedback on CAV Safety Framework 2.0

Transport Canada is currently developing an updated version of its 2019 CAV Safety Framework, which provided an overview of the connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) landscape and policy tools that supported the safe testing and deployment of CAVs in Canada. This new version, which will be called the CAV Safety Framework 2.0, streamlines this information, and provides updates on the department’s activities in the CAVs space in Canada over the last few years, such as regulatory and legislative updates, publication of new non-regulatory guidance and tools, overview of the department’s domestic and international collaboration, and updates to ongoing CAV research and innovation.

Transport Canada is seeking feedback from CARSP on the draft CAV Safety Framework 2.0 and would appreciate if you could submit any comments that you may have to Natalie.Fraser@tc.gc.ca in writing by June 5, 2023. The draft is available in both English and French and Transport Canada welcomes your feedback in the official language of your choice.  The two documents are as follows:

Should you have any questions about the document, please feel free to contact Natalie.Fraser@tc.gc.ca  to receive a response in writing or to arrange a meeting to discuss the questions.