Safer Journeys for Motorcycling on New Zealand Roads

Author(s): Cherie Mason, Robert Swears
Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award

Slidedeck Presentation:

3C Swears_Safer Journeys for Motorcycling New Zealand Roads


The New Zealand Transport Agency (the Transport Agency) commissioned the authors of this
paper to be the lead authors for developing a document to assist with addressing the
disproportionate number of fatal and serious injury crashes involving motorcyclists that occur on
New Zealand roads. This paper describes the multiagency, multidisciplinary approach used for
preparing the Safer Journeys for Motorcycling on New Zealand Roads guide (the Guide); it also
describes the underlying principles of the Guide. These principles provide practitioners and
policy makers with best practice guidance to identify, target and address key road safety issues
for motorcyclists on the wider road network and on high-risk motorcycle routes. The Guide
provides practitioners with a motorcycling centric coordinated and cohesive approach to dealing
with road safety issues within the context of a Safe System approach. The Guide also clearly
acknowledges that motorcycles and mopeds are part of the New Zealand vehicle fleet and their
riders are vulnerable road users whose safety needs must be more appropriately catered for.
The overarching objective of preparing the Guide was to provide a significant foundation for
reducing fatalities and serious injuries involving motorcyclists on New Zealand roads.